Khachipuri Lobiani (Georgian Red kidney bean bread)

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A word from the cook
Traditional Georgian delicious bean filled bread. The word "Lobiani" comes from the Georgian word for beans which is "Lobio"

- 400gm red kidney beans
- 200gm beef bacon (chopped)
- 2 large onions chopped
- ½ teaspoon dry coriander
- ½ teaspoon black pepper
- 2-3 tablespoons of oil to fry the onions
- 60-70gm butter
- salt up to taste


1) To make the filling: in a large frying pan heat up the butter until sizzling. Add the chopped onions with spices. Caramelize the onions.
2) Add beef bacon and fry lightly with the rest of the ingredients.
3) Strain kidney beans and place into a large bowl. Add onion-beef bacon mixture and mesh it lightly. Season with salt.
4) To shape and bake: punch down dough and divide in quarters. Roll each quarter of dough into a circle about 4-5mm thick.
5) Spread a quarter of the kidney bean mixture over dough, leaving a 2cm border.
6) Connect the sides of the circle in the middle and pinch to seal. Flip each ball seem side down on a baking sheet. With a fork make a several “vents” on the surface (poke only the top layer of the dough).
7) Bake the in a preheated to 200C oven until golden brown (about 15–20 minutes).
8) Brush with butter as soon as you take the Khachipuri out of the oven. Serve hot.

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