Rose water Nougat

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A word from the cook
The origin of Nougat dates back to the 12th century where it first appeared on Middle-Eastern documents. At some point it crossed the Mediterranean Sea and found its way to Europe and the rest of the world.

For the Rose Water Nougat:
- 420gm sugar
- 100gm liquid glucose
- 125gm clear runny honey
- 2 egg whites
- some water
- 1 tablespoon Rose Water
- few drops of pink or rose food colouring

For the filling:
- 1/2 cup dry cranberries
- 3/4 cup whole almonds (toasted)
- 3/4 cup whole pistachios (toasted)

For dusting:
- 1/4-1/3 cup powdered sugar (sifted)


1) To make Rose Water Nougat: put 400gm of sugar in a clean, straight-sided pan with the glucose. Add enough water to just cover and place a sugar thermometer inside the pan. Melt the sugar over a moderate heat.

2) When the temperature reaches 135˚C add the honey and continue cooking to bring the mixture up to 145˚C

3) While the sugar and honey are cooking. Whisk the egg whites with the 20gm of sugar in a food mixer. When the whites start to form stiff peaks and the sugar is at 145˚C, remove the thermometer. Turn the speed of the food mixer down by half. Slowly and steadily pour in the hot sugar and glucose down the side of the mixing bowl, all while the food mixer is still running.

4) When all the sugar has been added, add rose water and pink food colouring Turn up the speed and beat for 5 minutes or until the whites have cooled enough so the mix is thick and glossy and luke warm to the touch.

5) Turn nougat onto a silicon mat and fold the almonds, pistachios and cranberries into the meringue.

6) Dust lightly with powdered sugar and spread the nougat mixture evenly onto the sheet of baking parchment or silicon mat. Dust nougat with some more powdered sugar. Place another sheet of the baking parchment on top and press down with your hands to level off. Use a rolling pin to get an even finish. It should be around 1.5-2cm thick. Allow to cool until firm (better 24 hours)

7) Remove the baking parchment from the nougat and use a sharp cook’s knife lightly oiled to cut into 3-5cm long batons. Dust with a little bit of powdered sugar and serve.

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